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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you ship?
We have a fleet of trucks equipped to deliver throughout the Midwest. Fish can be picked up by appointment and air bagged to withstand travels up to 2 hours. Worms can be shipped by UPS, SPEE DEE, or the regular mail service.

Live Bait

Can I purchase bulk orders for fishing trips?
Gollon Bait and Fish Farm is wholesale only. Bulk fishing orders can be prearranged through a local bait shop.

Do you carry smelt?
Not at the time. The majority of the time, smelt comes from VHS positive waters. Gollon Bait and Fish Farm does not believe it is worth the risk of our resources.

Do I need to rotate my bait?
Yes, all old worms should be moved up to the front of the cooler. Sell your older bait first and the fresh second.

Do I turn my bait tanks up or down to match outside temperatures?
No, your bait tanks should be kept around 50-52 degrees to match the temperature of the delivery truck.

Does the bait need to be fed?
No, typically the bait is purchased with the intent of being sold within a week so feed is not necessary.

If a fisherman walks into my shop can he dip his container into my minnow tank?
No, It will increase the chances of bringing disease or exotics from the wild into your shop.

Is it safe to use the bait I purchased from a bait shop?
Yes, all the bait we raise goes through our extensive HAACP/biosecurity plan to ensure your bait is free of exotic and invasive species. We meet and exceed the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection fish health rules, which ensure your bait is free from any reportable diseases.

Can I purchase bait from a bait shop and use them for fishing in my pond?
Yes, providing you get them from a bait shop that purchases them from a legitimate source that is health certified and follows a strict biosecurity plan.

Gamefish/Pond Stocking

What are the prices for your fish?
Prices may vary due to size, volume and location. Call the office for a personalized quote.

Do the fish in my pond need to be fed?
Yes, If you feed the fish dry feed they will need to be fed on a regular basis. If you feed the fish live feed (fatheads, suckers, or golden shiners) they should be feed once or twice per year; sometime around April through June or September through October.

Can I buy fatheads from you for feeding the fish in my ponds?
Yes, to purchase fatheads for stocking you must meet the minimum quantity purchase requirements to get the fatheads delivered. They can be picked up and air bagged. You will need to have a fish farm registration number, a stocking permit, or a general fish stocking permit.

How long after I stock my pond can I start harvesting?
It depends on the species of the fish. Generally 2-3 years. After the 2-3 years you can harvest approximately 1/3 of your fish each year. Harvesting fish out of your pond each year makes room for the reproducing population to survive and grow.

The fish in my pond quit growing, what should I do?
Increase the amount of feed and or harvest some of the fish out of the pond.

How many fish can I harvest each year?
Once your fish population is established you should be able to harvest 50 pounds of fish per acre. Most people do not harvest enough fish from their ponds.

Should I aerate my pond?
Aeration helps to prevent winterkill and summer kill. It also helps to increase living space in the pond and lower the thermo cline which enables the fish to use the lower portion of the pond that would normally be anoxic. Aeration also aids in the decomposition of dead weeds, algae, etc. and removes bottom gasses from the ponds such as hydrogen, sulfide, methane, etc.

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